Solar Panel Technology

With so many of us having solar panels installed so that we can harbour cheap and efficient, renewable energy, it is surprising how little is known about how it works.

Our team here at East Coast Energy Solutions want to rectify that so that you know exactly what you are getting and how it works, when you have one of our state of the art systems installed.

What It Entails

Your system is made up with what is known as photovoltaic solar panels, or PV modules for short.

These are designed to soak up the sunlight and use it as electricity.

We will use and array of PV modules that are connected to an inverter which will convert the energy into electricity.

This will then feed a battery pack which is used to store your electricity ready for use.

It is also possible to connect the electricity you make from your solar panels straight to the main grid.

This means that any excess electricity will be made available for others to use and you will receive subsidies on your electricity bills.

It will also significantly reduce your carbon footprint, which is the effect you have on the environment.

Renewable energy just like solar, looks after our planet as well as your pocket, reducing the need we have for fossil fuel and nuclear energy.

The Ultimate In Technology

Solar and renewable technology is constantly being improved and modified, which is why our team are constantly training and following the new advancements that are made.

We only use the latest and best in solar technology, so that you can be guaranteed a flawless and smooth system that gives you power when you need it and saves you money as well.

All our systems come with the panels, inverters, batteries and mounting kits included in the price, so you will not be faced with any hidden extras, just a competitive quote for an amazing system.

Solar As A Service

We know that not every home, workplace or business has the means to purchase a solar system, but we believe that it should be available to everyone that wants it.

That is why we launched our SAAS (Solar As A Service) program for the Far North and Northern Queensland. We love our community so wanted to give something back.

Now you can have all the benefits of having solar panels, without paying for it by letting us provide the equipment that you need.

Get Your Solar Technology

There should be no reason to wait to get your solar panels installed by our team here at East Coast Energy Solutions.

With out state of the art technology and the ability to benefit from solar power whatever your budget, contact us today to see how you can save not just money but Australia’s ecosystem, by calling us on 07 4019 2882.



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