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Expert Servicing

Ensure your solar power system operates at peak efficiency with expert servicing from East Coast Energy Solutions. Our knowledgeable technicians provide comprehensive maintenance to optimise efficiency, lower costs, and uphold warranties, ensuring your system continues to deliver maximum benefits.

System no longer working?

We can Service your System

Please provide as much information as you can about the existing system at your property. This is not required if you are an existing client, we will have your information on file.

Please upload photos of your existing inverter, inverter make and model, existing panels, panel make and model, photo of switchboard, copy of your electricity bill and a copy of the old invoice to show what was originally installed. All this information helps us streamline the process of servicing and will get you back to producing clean green power in no time!

Please upload photos of the following: 

  • Existing inverter
  • Inverter make and model
  • Existing panels
  • Panel make and model
  • Photo of switchboard
  • Copy of your electricity bill
  • Copy of the old invoice to show what was originally installed

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