Off Grid Solar Solutions


Off Grid Solar Solutions

Residents of Far North Queensland can achieve substantial savings by investing in off-grid solar systems. These systems are designed to provide reliable electricity in areas where access to the grid is limited or costly. Gone are the days of running dirty, noisy and costly diesel generators to supply your property’s power requirements. At East Coast Energy Solutions, we specialise in supplying and installing off-grid standalone power systems tailored to a variety of applications. Whether for small sheds, large industrial facilities, or rural properties, our solutions ensure efficient and sustainable energy solutions that reduce dependence on traditional power sources. Contact us today to explore how an off-grid solar system can benefit your specific needs and help you save on energy costs year-round.

Off Grid Systems

How they work

Off-grid solar systems provide reliable electricity in areas without grid access. They feature solar panels, a backup diesel generator, battery storage, and a solar inverter/charger. These systems range in size, from powering basic appliances to supplying entire communities with electricity. Integrated with generators for backup during adverse weather or high demand, these systems can also harness wind or hydro power. Modern off-grid technology is automated, easy to maintain with minimal ongoing maintenance costs, and offers high-quality power that extends equipment lifespan.

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