Advice About Solar Panels

Solar Panels on a Roof in Cairns

Solar power has been around for a long time, yet it’s used relatively rarely, even where it would be ideal.

While technology advances rapidly, this has both downsides as well as upsides. Energy efficiency and suitability for different property types is increasing, yet people’s engagement with solar perhaps isn’t so much.

Many residents, business owners or managers still aren’t sure whether they should invest in this technology.

Some of this is possibly because solar power seems too good to be true. As installers of solar panels Cairns people trust, we understand, and give the best advice.

Modern Options

When asked about solar power, many people think it means sticking panels on your roof.

They perhaps see this on other properties, don’t like the look of it, and can’t see it working for them.

Obviously, looks are important, and property owners maybe think solar panels will devalue theirs.

There are many reasons why this is often outdated and untrue.

Of course, having solar panels installed means an alteration to your property.

That doesn’t mean you’re stuck with any particular configuration forever.

In fact, solar panels are meant to be replaced over time.

Also, those installed in the past possibly don’t look as good as the latest designs. Apart from looking better, modern panels are also often more efficient.

Solar panels don’t have to go on your roof, either. In fact, for some premises it makes more sense to have them elsewhere.

Obviously, no two homes or businesses are exactly the same, and neither are their energy needs.

Judging the potential of your own solar power system by those of others is not helpful.

There are options available today which far outstrip those of previous eras.

Tailored Solar Systems

As suppliers of solar panels Cairns homes and businesses come to, we advise based on individual circumstances.

Residential, commercial and industrial users can all benefit from solar power in different ways.

Not just the scale of the installation, but its use, also plays a big part in any solar power set-up.

Commercial operators can depreciate their solar power installation against tax, for example.

As the initial cost of equipment and labour is often as issue for businesses, this can give peace of mind.

Many domestic customers also choose the Solar As A Service (SAAS) option, which has no installation costs.

These contracts run on 7, 10 and 15 year time-scales, with lower energy bills during that period.

Then there is the choice between on-grid or off-grid, and storage options.

It is possible to sell the energy you generate to the grid, or store it for later use.

The cost of these systems initially is higher than immediate use options.

This flexibility means that most homes and businesses can find a solar solution that works for them.

More Information

For more about the benefits of solar panels Cairns home and business owners can tap into, get in touch.

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