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Battery Storage

Harness And Store Your Solar Energy

Maximise your solar power energy efficiency by storing ‘unused’ solar power in a battery system for use at a later time. Instead of selling it back to the electricity grid for minimal credits, store the power and offset your power during peak times. This is the ideal way to minimise power costs and ensure an emergency power supply in times of black out / power failure.

Solar power battery storage solutions are available in a range of applications, catering to domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural requirements. Hybrid battery storage setups are the most cost effect battery storage solutions. Contact us today to discuss your requirements; we’ll find a solution for the perfect battery storage system at your site.

Solar Power Battery Storage

Solar power battery storage is the logical next step, in maximizing the way in which we harness the power of the sun. Solar power batteries are available for domestic, commercial, industrial, mining and agricultural applications. They can be utilized in a standalone (off-grid) or hybrid (on-grid) system.  Standalone systems are quite a lot more expensive and are usually only suitable for customers without a connection to the electricity grid.

These batteries allow people to store their ‘unused’ solar power for use at a later time, when the solar panels / system is not producing electricity. They provide consumers with even more control over their energy usage, delivering improved system performance and enhanced cost reductions on your power bills. Just another step in moving towards a clean, green and sustainable power supply.

Storage Systems

Your Energy Storage Solution

Maximise your solar investment with our advanced battery storage systems. By storing excess solar energy, you ensure a reliable power supply even during outages and peak demand times.

With Grid Connection

Did you know you can store your ‘unused’ solar energy in a battery, for use at a later time (including blackouts)? Call us about solar battery storage.

Standalone System

An innovative system which allows you to store solar power in an off-grid, standalone system. Allows you to create an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS).

Hybrid System

We use a combination of smart inverters and batteries to create a hybrid / UPS and off grid Energy Management System. Perfect for domestic and industrial sites.

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