Save On Your Energy Bill With Solar Power

Solar Power Cairns

Here at East Coast Energy Solutions, we also have a dedicated team responsible for solar power.

If your looking for residential Solar Power Cairns, we are an expert team of electricians and technicians that service houses both in the cities and in the remote and outback locations of our beautiful area.

Our aim is to save people money on their energy bills by installing solar power systems and putting you back in control of your dollars.

How Do We Do It?

We believe that solar power in Cairns should be a benefit that is available to each and every home owner and business.

Which is why we meticulously design every solar power system before we install it so that it matches your property perfectly and meets all of your needs.

This will help us use your energy efficiency to the full and lower our prices with the most hi tech equipment available which will include inverters, solar panels, battery storage and the mounting kits.

The Savings

By choosing to use solar panels and a solar system in your home the savings on your energy bills can be massive.

By harvesting the abundance of natural sunlight, we have in our area you are not using the energy that comes from the main electricity grid.

You can then choose from various options with what you want to do next.

Any solar power that you accumulate but do not use can go into the grid to be used by other homeowners and businesses which means you will get credited on your energy bills.

You also have the options of using batteries to store your solar power. This power can then be used when you are not making power.

In bad weather, night time or when there is a blackout or power cut. You will never be without power again.

Another possible option is to take yourself off the main grid completely.

By doing this you will be self reliant and only use the power that the sun brings during the day and the batteries that will need to be installed will provide your power at all other times.

Solar As A Service

We launched our Solar As A System (SAAS) program so that solar power can be achieved by all at the most affordable prices.

Instead of paying for the equipment you need, we will fit it for free to your home. As you won’t own the equipment, we will be responsible for all maintenance that is involved with it.

All you need to do then is pay for the solar power that you make through the system installed at extremely low energy prices.

You benefit without the outlay.

Get In Touch

You could be the next person to start to benefit from solar power in Cairns. The money that you will save will astound you and leave you laughing all the way to the bank.

You can get more details about solar power by calling our team here at East Coast Energy Solutions to ask any questions or arrange an installation.

Phone now on 07 4019 2882 to start your life powered by the sun.


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