Should I Buy Batteries for My Solar Panels?

Solar Battery Storage

Battery storage is the key to managing all the good work done by your solar panels.

Solar panels have been pretty much the sole subject of the push toward alternative energy. The main focus—reducing household energy costs—is a given, once the panels are installed.

There are other benefits, of course, not the least of which is our precarious dependence on fossil fuels.

Meanwhile, on the sidelines, doubters can be heard crying, “What about cloudy days?“ They’re less noisy, however, when the grid goes down.

But the biggest noise was when billionaire boffin Elon Musk proposed to solve South Australia’s flaky electrical supply with a big battery. He came through with a 100-megawatt lithium ion battery, which was quickly installed and is now contributing power to the state’s electricity network. The revenue it created in its first 6 months was equal to 15% of the cost to buy it.

Many of us are now seeing the benefits of going off-grid. Batteries are now readily available to store the energy collected from your solar panels.

You can choose to have nothing to do with the grid. Or, if you so decide, your excess power can be fed into the grid.

Here at East Coast Energy Solutions, we have the know-how to take your solar power plans to the next level.


What Difference Will Batteries Make?

We can quickly get you set up to take full advantage of your solar power system’s efficiency.

You’ll be able to harvest the energy you don’t use, storing it in your new batteries ready for use whenever you need it.

Here’s how you’ll benefit. Your energy bills will drop even further. And when your neighbours are blacked out during a power failure, your energy supply will continue uninterrupted. Providing your internet provider hasn’t been blacked out, your Netflix binge can go on without quitting.

All that good work done by your solar panels on long, hot sunny days… now you’ll be able to keep hold of it!


What About My Power Bill?

Storing your solar power in dedicated batteries is the obvious next step in taking matters into your own hands and away from the power company.

You can choose to be on- or off-grid.

Batteries will save you money on your power bills and, obviously, if you are off-grid, you’re not going to get another power bill ever.

In practical terms, you will have back-up power you can use when less sunny weather is around.

Adding to the feel-good benefits is knowing your power supply is greener and more sustainable.


Start Your Revolution

Please feel free to contact the team here at East Coast Energy Solutions and get the conversation started about taking full advantage of your solar panels. You can also phone us during business hours.


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